Isopro is not just a protein Isopro for the prevention of corona, according to the World Health Organization, is considered an essential component of treatment because it contains lactoferrin

Ultra premium whey protein isolate infusion!

undenatured Bioactive whey protein isolate
support immune system to fight of disease
Naturally Occurring EAAs & BCAAs
Fast absorption rapped formula .
Helps preserves lean muscle mass
low carbs , Fats and no sugar added
unbelievable taste.

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I-Performance Iso Pro formulated Based on latest science and worlds finest ingredients ever developed , each serving picked with 25 g of bioactive whey protein isolate yields 5.6 g Naturally Occurring, 4.3 g Glutamine to achieve maximum muscle growth, increase protein synthesis, improve recovery, furthermore less than 0.2 g fats and 1 g carbohydrates without adding sugar which helps increase lean body muscle mass and reduce body fats!!

I-Performance Iso Pro delivers superior function whey protein isolate processed by a novel low temperature cold micro filtration process to contains a full balance of undenatured function bioactive whey protein isolate including immunoglobulin ( IgG), Lactoferrin ( Lf) and glycol macro peptide ( GMP) to give your immune system the nutrients it needs to fight off disease and infections!

I-Performance Iso Pro is precisely formulated to supply the absolute highest quality pure ingredients EU compliance, FDA approved, Halal certified and free of GMOs, rBGH, rBST, banned substances!!!

Isopro is a multi-tasking and multi-functional protein, as it differs from any other protein because it contains lactoferrin, which the latest scientific studies have proven to enhance the body’s immune system and is considered a protection against viruses and bacteria, including Corona Virus, and according to the latest scientific studies have proven that lactoferrin is now an essential part of Corona treatment and not only prevention Each scoop of YPro contains 120 mg of lactoferrin

According to the latest research, lactoferrin prevents the virus from entering the cell by blocking the HSPG glycan protein, which is the binding point where the virus attaches to the invasion and invades the cell, and thus plays an important role when a virus such as SARS-Cove infects the human body,
Lactoferrin may also affect the immune response by regulating the intestinal flora or stimulating glutathione synthesis, thus improving immune function to fight infection and prevent disease.


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